Blind Date

Welcome to Blind Date 2016!

This year, Blind Date is on February 16th.


Check out last year’s blind date success stories:


What is Blind Date?

Blind Date is one of Cambridge RAG’s biggest fundraising events. It made nearly £13,000 last year for our ten chosen charities, and this year we want it to be better than ever! We help to match students from  across the university (and this year, for the first time, ARU), to help people both find love and to make new friends.

To get involved, you can start by buying a form from your college rep for £5. We offer either a ‘Boy’, ‘Girl’ or ‘LGBTQ+’ option, depending on what you’re looking for, each with the choice of having a classic date, or a non-romantic ‘friend’ date, for those of you who are already attached, or just looking to meet someone new.

Once you (or your friends!) have filled in the form to the best of your abilities, you can hand it back into your rep, and after a little while, you’ll be sent through your dates form. Last year we managed to sell 2,600 forms so you definitely won’t be the only one of your friends getting involved- it’s great fun and a good laugh. Even if you don’t find love, at least you might get a funny story out of it, right?!

The deadline for returning forms to your college rep will be  12th February – don’t be late!

The Bribe System

Are you particularly fussy? Worried about who you might end up with? Don’t leave it to chance! We offer participants the chance to have a say in who they’re paired with, by offering a bribe to their reps. Depending on how specific you are, prices vary, but as a rough guide:

  •  “Hot” – £3
  • “Blonde M1 rower”- £5
  • “Hannah Williamson”- £10

Remember, the reps only get to decide who you end up with if you bribe!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not check out our Blind Date Top Trumps?







The Reps

Wondering who you need to get in touch with at your college? Check out the list below!

ARU: Anni Siedenburg (
Caius: Sophie Tapper (set45)
Catz: TBC
Christ’s: TBC
Churchill: TBC
Clare: TBC
Clare Hall: Still looking for help! Get in touch.
Corpus: TBC
Darwin: Still looking for help! Get in touch.
Downing: TBC
Emma: TBC)
Fitz: TBC
Homerton: Rowenna McGill (rm720), Caitlin Whitby (cfw34), Bryony Perks (bp364)
Hughes Hall: TBC
Jesus: TBC
John’s: TBC
Kings: TBC
Lucy Cav: Charlotte Akers (caa49), Julia Nielsen (jn352)
Magdalene: TBC
Medwards: TBC
Newnham: Holly Young, (hey22), Immy Morris, (igm28)
Pembroke: Errin Riley (ecr41)
Peterhouse: TBC
Queen’s: Eliza Jones (ermj2)
Robinson: TBC
Selwyn: TBC
Sidney: TBC
St Edmunds: TBC
Trinity: TBCa
Trinity Hall: TBC
Wolfson: TBC

Want to contact us, or find out more?

  • You can find our Facebook event:  coming soon
  • Contact Abi Smith (aes78), Rebecca Marchant (rm759),  or email if you have any other questions!
Bodywork Studios | Zumba


Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.

20/10/15    19:00-20:00

Bodywork Company Dance Studios, CB1 2HA

£8 £5

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Bodywork Studios | Street Dance


Street Dance is c0ol, fun and vibrant. Work those moves you’ve been goggling at in the music videos. YouTube it; you’ll be inspired.

29/10/15    20:00-21:00

Bodywork Company Dance Studios, CB1 2HA

£8 £5

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Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts


Development of the body and mind.
B. Lee, ‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do’
C. Douglas, ‘Everybody likes kung fu fighting’
Challenge yourself and have fun with a variety of martial arts fighting styles including savate boxing and stick work.

15/11    15:00-16:00

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts, CB2 1JP

£8 £5

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Reformer Pilates


Pilates with a twist. Strap yourself into the specialised reformer equipment, a strand of pilates unique to Alice’s studio. Improve your physical and mental health whilst developing your core strength, flexibility and agility. Come for the class, stay for the biscuits.

24/10    16:00-17:00

Juice Pilates & Yoga Centre, Cambridge, CB2 3EL

£14 £8

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Ever wanted to fire a bow like Orlando Bloom? Now’s your chance. Bringing you a traditional style of archery. Point counting is out, firing quivers off crouched behind cover is in. Even fire them at each other! (foam tips unless there’s some animosity brewing)




Develop great flexibility and strength to achieve balances, lifts and bends. What better way to get know someone than as members of the same human pyramid? Might want to keep the idle chitchat for when your feet are safely grounded though.


Spanish Dance


Inject some heat and passion into your life with flame-nco. Your moves will light up any dance floor after this class.

31/10    15:00-16:00

St Columba’s Church, CB2 3EL

£8 £5

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Social Golf


Have a ball at Cambridge Lakes Pitch and Putt. Stroll round the course with some mates. Or meet someone new at Cambridge’s real club and have some shots that count! Fancy dress actively encouraged with a prize for the best.


Competitive Golf


Separate competitive bracket for those that want golfing glory. Pit yourself against the rest for a chance to win the grand prize.


Yoga | Juice Pilates


Meet some new people. Improve your physical and mental health. Develop your core strength, flexibility and agility. Come for the class, stay for the biscuits.

24/10/15    16:00-17:00

St Columba’s Church, CB2 3EL

£8 £5

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