You’ve been dropped in an unknown location. You can’t spend any money. You have 24 hours to get back to Cambridge. Step up and make history as we fight against Oxford in the first ever Varsity LOST event.

Will you make it?

Last year around 100 students took part in LOST, raising over £9,000 for RAG ballot charities. The group of brave students were dropped outside the village of Falmer in East Sussex, from where they had to make their way into Brighton and then back to Cambridge – all without spending any money. Along the way they were required to perform a number of weird and wonderful challenges in order to maximise their teams points. Challenges range from kissing a porter, getting a ride in a police car, and for those who are really committed, having your ear pierced. Some fantastic prizes were given to the top scoring teams and to those who raised the most sponsorship.  Prizes in 2015 included two May Ball tickets, big fish cards, restaurant vouchers, leather wallets and lots of fudge!

Want to join in on the fun?  Then take part in LOST 2016!