Come Dine With Me


Product Description

Cambridge RAG Come Dine With Me is a chance for you and two friends to meet new people and see another college from the inside. Its like Blind Date, but it won’t be awkward, more of a mini-swap. Teams of guys will be matched with teams of girls and your team of three will cook one meal at your place and enjoy a meal at another college. Same sex and mixed gender swaps are also permissible. After the meal each of you marks the night out of ten and which ever night scores higher will receive a prize from RAG. There will also be special deals for the afterparty after the last night of food! Get excited and sign up soon!
The cost to take part is £5 per person (£15 per team of three). In return RAG will match you with another team, organise a mutually convenient location and time for you to meet and provide you with judging materials. There will also be prizes for the highest scoring meals and the opportunity to get your recipe and RAG Come Dine with Me story in student publications. All proceeds will be going towards the Cambridge RAG ballot charities 2014-15.

The deadline to sign up for this event has now passed!! Hope those who are taking part enjoy their swap nights. Please email me if you have signed up but have not yet received a confirmation email: