One important feature of RAG that we are taking a new focus on this year is Development. As a committee, it’s really important that we have the developed leadership and communication skills that make us not only a great committee, that can produce the best events, but also ready for life after Cambridge.

With a specialist role, it is the Development Officer’s role to ensure that the committee and RAG as a whole are running smoothly, and maximising all the external opportunities available. The range of opportunities varies from collaborating with fellow ethical societies, such as Giving What We Can or the 80,000 hours movement, to creating links with the Cambridge Careers Service, to ensure that our members are clued up on keeping up the charitable practices post-graduation.

For any questions on how to get involved in RAG, or how to collaborate on an event – drop us (Olivia + Kieran) a line: ┬áKeep an eye out on Facebook and the website for upcoming events around Cambridge, including our collaborative event on altruistic careers with 80,000 hours, Giving What We Can and Hub on 15th February!