What is the RAG Kilimanjaro Challenge?

This year, Cambridge RAG appeal have teamed up with Childreach International, a leading child rights organisation, to summit the tallest free standing mountain in the world. The Challenge is to change your life for the better, and to make a long lasting impact on the lives of many.

The trip will take adventurous and intrepid students on a 5-day climb of the mountain on the Machame Route, finally reaching the summit to see the sun rise over the curve of the horizon. The trip will also involve a School Farming Tanzania project visit, where the team will get to see first hand the benefits of their fundraising and physical efforts.

Childreach invests in the futures of children, and through the farming project, has succeeded in improving the attendance of children in school, from 70% to 92%. The project provides the tools and materials necessary for each child to receive a nutritious meal everyday, and imparts the skills and knowledge necessary for the continuation of sustainable farming practices. In association with the UN, School Farming Tanzania has gained international recognition as an example of sustainable solutions to world hunger and poverty.

Partnered with RARE Adventures, the Kilimanjaro Trip will be managed and organised by the employees and guides, and students will be accompanied throughout, from airport to summit, and back down. The trip also involves an opportunity for additional travel to go on Safari or an island getaway in Zanzibar.

The minimum fundraising amount for the trip is £2,995, with the potential for individuals to entirely or partially self-fund, or crowd fund the entire trip. For anyone daunted by the prospect of raising money, Child reach Challenge Officers provide all year round fundraising support, and run bucket collections and prize draws to get the ball rolling.

All students who succeed in raising the funds necessary will receive a pre-departure training day in the UK and will be briefed thoroughly on the details of the trip.This trip positively develops all who are involved, you will return home with a true appreciation for life in Africa and first hand experience of how international development should work. You can also gain personal development and communication skills as well as intercultural soft skills, all of which will be an excellent addition to your personal portfolio.

Further questions on how to get involved should be directed to

Zara- Cambridge Childreach Challenges Officer- Zara.canfield@childreach.org.uk
Nwla Tonkin Wells- Student Team Leader- nmst2@cam.ac.uk