How Can RAG Support Me?

Cambridge RAG can support a charitable cause in lots of different ways:


Apply to be a RAG Supported Charity

Every┬áJuly, we open up applications to charities to be one of RAG’s supported charities for the next year. Charities apply through an online form, and the executive committee then makes a shortlist from the applications received. The list is then put to a vote by Cambridge students to select the 5 charities for the year, which we aim to ensure includes a mixture of local, national and international causes.

May Balls

RAG works closely with May Ball presidents across the uni to help them choose charities for charitable giving.


Bucket Collections

If you are a charity, apply to Cambridge City council for bucket collection permit. Let us know and we can arrange for student volunteers to help out and collect on your behalf! NB. We are not able to run bucket collections this year due to the ongoing pandemic.



We are always look to collaborate with other societies! If you have an event you’d like to put on and add a charitable twist, don’t hesitate in getting in touch. We have a wonderful committee of keen and dedicated individuals, and we’d love to support wherever we can.