How Can RAG Support Me?

Cambridge RAG can support a charitable cause in lots of different ways:


Apply to be a RAG Supported Charity

Every August, we open up applications to charities to be one of the ten charities of the year. Applications are done online and open for a month, and  with the help of the RAG committee and Giving What We Can,  a short list of around 40 applicants is created. The list is then made into a survey which is able to be voted in by anyone with a Raven log-in, and the top 10 Local, National and International charities are selected.

Student Grant Scheme

Every May we email out a form to different charitable societies affiliated with Cambridge University, such as Queens’ Charity Committee, or Student Community Action, to apply for a grant of up to £200


Bucket Collections

If you are a charity, apply to Cambridge City council for bucket collection permit. Let us know and we can arrange for student volunteers to help out and collect on your behalf! NB. our most popular days for students are Saturdays!



We are always look to collaborate with other societies! If you have an event you’d like to put on and add a charitable twist, don’t hesitate in getting in touch. We have a wonderful committee of keen and dedicated individuals, and we’d love to support wherever we can.


May Balls

RAG works with all of the Presidents of May Balls/June Events/Garden Parties to ensure that they are all being charitable and giving a proportion of their ticket sales to charity. RAG pitches two charities in late October to all of the Presidents (at the May Ball Presidents’ Committee meeting!), and the Presidents vote on which they will choose to support. This voting process lasts throughout Michaelmas as the Presidents deliberate with their committees. At the end of the year, the money from the MBPC Charity Fund is then split between the chosen charities!