RAG Ballot Application

Cambridge Students’ RAG Appeal is the largest charity fundraising society of the University of Cambridge. RAG aims to help local charities, as well as national and international ones.

Each year a proportion of our funds goes to support the work of members of CCVS through the CCVS RAG Ballot.

CCVS member groups can apply for grants of up to £200.

A sub-committee consisting of an equal number of CCVS and RAG representatives decides the allocation of grants.

This year the CCVS RAG Ballot will give priority to smaller voluntary and community groups with an income of £5,000 or less.

Guidelines for Applications

  1. Grants to a maximum of £200 are given for events, items of equipment or materials, publicity, start-up costs or activities.
  2. Organisations must be current members of CCVS in order to be eligible for a grant. Associate members such as parish councils are not eligible to apply.
  3. Priority will be given to groups with an income of £5,000 or less although other groups can still apply.
  4. Organisations must clearly state what the grant will be used for and must supply an estimate of the cost of all items applied for.
  5. If a grant is sought as a contribution towards the purchase of an item or event, the organisation must explain how it will meet the remainder of the cost.
  6. Please do not attach additional information to the form.
  7. Organisations which have been successful in the main Cambridge RAG ballot or receive other funding through Rag will not be eligible to apply for the CCVS Ballot.
  8. Any group with a religious or political affiliation must declare this on the appropriate part of this application form. Religious or political affiliation will not affect your eligibility for a grant; however, the grant will not fund religious or political campaigning or activities.
  9. Groups that receive a grant through the CCVS Rag Ballot will be required to complete a short survey to give feedback on how the funds were used.



  • For help or advice in completing the form please contact CCVS on (01223) 464696.
  • The committee’s decisions are final. The committee may decide to make no award, to award a proportion of the amount requested or to award the full amount requested. Successful applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by July 2019.


The deadline for completed applications is 30 April 2019