Cam Dine With Me


What is Cam Dine With Me?


Based on the hit channel 4 show – Cam Dine With Me is a charity event where two teams of 3 compete to see  who can host the best dinner party! Cambridge RAG’s Cam Dine With Me is a great chance for you and two friends to meet new people and see another college from the inside! Your team of 3 will be randomly matched with a team from another college. On the 26th October, one team will cook a meal at their place before going to the other team’s college to enjoy a meal on the 28th October. These dates are provisional – if you or one of your team can’t make it, feel free to rearrange the timings with the other group! After your soirée, you will be asked to rate the other team’s food and entertainment out of 10 – the winning team overall will receive a mystery prize!


When is it?


CDWM will take place from the 26th – 28th October 2018!


How much does it cost?


CDWM costs just £5 per person (£15 per team of three). Please only book ONE TICKET PER GROUP.  We will accept bribes for an additional £5 to be matched with a specific team gender. To bribe us, book a ticket+bribe for £20 and then request your preferred team gender.


Where do I sign up?