Jailbreak 2020!








What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is one of RAG’s most popular, uni-wide events! Starting on the morning of Friday 10th March, teams of 2 and 3 will flee from the the starting point of Parker’s Piece, and get as far away as possible in 36 hours. With teams in previous years making it to Rio, Singapore, New York and everywhere in between – Jailbreak is the ultimate excuse to escape Cambridge for the weekend – and all for a good cause!

How do I sign up?

Signups cost £15 each (so £30 for a pair or £45 for a team of three, unless you get early bird tickets!). The fundraising target for each team is £400, though we’d love you to get as much as you can. We’ll ask for a £50 deposit from each team, but won’t cash it if you raise enough.

Are there prizes?

There will be amazing prizes for the teams that get the furthest away from Cambridge and raise the most money, stay tuned for their announcements! Prizes have included amazing May Ball tickets in the past!

If you’ve got any questions, please contact cambridgeragjailbreak2020@gmail.com