Home Raids

Saturday. 9-5. Cambridge city centre. A bucket. Go!

Armed with a bucket and a copy of our permit, you are ready to hit the streets and start collecting.* Unleash your charm on shoppers and townsfolk, and you’ll be surprised just how much money you can collect in a single day; Home Raids are by far the most lucrative RAG activity per person and we’d love to have you on board.

As a member of the Cambridge Raids family, you will be able to meet people from across the university – years, colleges and disciplines – that you would never have met otherwise. With post-Raid brunches a common fixture (all that bucket shaking really works up an appetite), Raids are social events that will allow you to come out of your shell and work on those all-important public speaking and persuasion skills.

With a variety of social events planned throughout the year, you will get plenty out of Raid besides a warm fuzzy feeling. You can represent your college in a Rival Raid which will put you and your friends against a rival college, or you can even represent Cambridge against Oxford in the hotly contested Varsity Raids. Do us proud, people!

To see how you can make a difference, simply come on down to the RAG office and let us know you’re interested in lending a hand, or send us an email. We welcome anyone and everyone; even if all you can spare is an hour, your help is greatly appreciated.

See you on Saturday!

*Fancy dress also provided. Imagine the possibilities! Amazing.

Raiding Technique

RAG Raiders are like snowflakes: no two are alike. There are countless ways to engage the public and persuade them to part with their hard-earned money, and you must do what feels right to you and what you are comfortable with. There are, however, a few general pieces of advice you might want to heed:

  • Stand Out: whether you want to don a ridiculous costume, an outrageous wig or a humorous hat. Whether you want to do a dance or wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Whether you want to shout out about the charity and cause to catch people’s attention. Whatever you do, make sure people can see and hear you. You’ll need to be proactive and make people slow down and listen if they are to donate.
  • Read Up: catching people’s attention is all well and good, but at the end of the day people like to know exactly where their donations are going. We will provide you with key information about that week’s charity before you hit the streets, so don’t worry about memorising the founder’s birthday or the address of the charity’s HQ. But knowing their key motives, projects and aims, as well as a few key facts and figures, will make all the difference.
  • Be Confident: Raids are a wonderful way to improve your confidence in directly approaching people and asking them to donate. Speak to the crowd as well as individuals, and you’ll soon find yourself getting more comfortable and developing your own little spiel. If shouting isn’t your style, don’t be afraid to talk to people one-on-one; you’ll be surprised how many people can spare a coin or two for you.
  • Get Creative: creativity and being proactive is a must for any Raider. Just standing there with a bucket is pointless; no one will pay attention to you and you’ll soon become bored. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try your own thing.
  • Stay Positive: OK, let’s be honest. You can shout, shake and sell your charity to the very best of your ability and some people will still turn you down. Worse still, some people might even ignore you. But don’t let that get you down: enjoy what you are doing and get creative to alert people to your cause. Focus on the ‘yes’s rather than the ‘no’s and the coins will pour in.
  • Smile!: why so serious? Even if your chosen spiel isn’t quite hitting the spot, we want you to enjoy yourself, first and foremost. Keep smiling and you’ll find that people will soon be approaching you (rather than the other way around) to ask what your doing and enquiring about the charity. Easy!

So, is it a date?

Home Raids Calendar: Lent 2014

Every term we raid for a host of great causes. This team we’re raiding for:

14 Feb Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal
21 Feb Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal
28 Feb Cancer Research UK

Please note that this calendar is subject to change and we are always adding new Raids to our calendar. So don’t forget to keep checking back and keep an eye on our Social Media channels!

If you’re interested in helping out on any of these Raids, get in touch with our Raids Coordinator at raids@cambridgerag.org.uk.

Also check out our megaraids in London.

Get Involved

We’re Interested in finding out more about Raids or lending a hand at one this term? Send an email to our Raids Coordinator at raids@cambridgerag.org.uk.

Alternatively, we are always looking out for new charities to raid for. If you have an idea or a cause particularly close to your heart, let us know! Get in touch at raids@cambridgerag.org.uk.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The RAG office

We’re located next the CUSU offices on the New Museum site. There’ll be a big sign outside so just come on in and knock on the door (the inside door has an alarm if the door is left open). Any problems, just give us a bell on 01223 330 286 and we’ll sort you out. Any questions? Email us.