Mega Raids

Raise £1000s in a Single Day

At Cambridge RAG, we believe in the importance of escaping the Cambridge “bubble” during the heat of term. Megaraids (so-called because they often involve the collaboration of several RAGs at once) are a great chance to visit the capital and meet some new people, as well as collect a lot of money in a short amount of time. It’s win-win, really.

We try to organise trips to London as often as we can; last term, we took part in two Megaraids – one for the Poppy Appeal in November and one for Breast Cancer UK as part of ‘Wear it Pink’ month in October. The money-raising potential of these Megaraids is immense: for the Poppy Appeal 2014 we raised more than £2000 in a few hours, making the Cambridge RAG collection the most lucrative per person across the entire 2014 Poppy Appeal.

Just as with any other Raid, you are free to come for as little or as long as you want, although we suggest you target the commuter rush hours for maximum impact. You don’t need to worry about the cost, either; Cambridge RAG will reimburse you your travel expenses, so hold on to your tickets to claim back!

It’s easy to get involved in a Megaraid. The morning slot is perfect for you early risers: the 5.45 train out of Cambridge to King’s Cross for a shift from 7am to 9:30am, so you can do your bit before the day truly gets going. And even better, you’ll be back in time for lunch and any afternoon lectures. For the afternoon, the 14.45 train from Cambridge will get you to London for a raiding session from 4:30pm to 7pm. Of course, you are more than welcome to stay with us the entire day; we’ll be sure to provide enough food and knock-knock jokes to keep you well entertained!

Interested? If you want to sign up for any of our Megaraids, don’t hesitate to contact us, either at the RAG office in Cambridge or by email at

Megaraiding Technique

It’s often said that London has a completely different approach and set of rules than anywhere else in the UK. Well, the same can be said for Raids. Although we have some general guidelines over on our Home Raids page, there are a few differences worthy of note for raiding in London:

  • Be Heard: whilst we encourage approaching people individually to engage them in conversation, it doesn’t tend to fly as well in the capital due to the sheer number of people and crowds. You’re going to have to shout out across the crowd and make yourself heard*.
  • Keep it Snappy: commuters are busy people, with places to be and people to see. They don’t have time to listen to a lengthy spiel of Shakespearian proportions. Memorise a few lines in advance that you can trot out repeatedly to catch people’s attention and let them know why you are there.
  • Don’t Stop: it doesn’t matter whether your style is self-deprecating or silly, personal or rhetorical. Just keep talking!
  • Work Together: our raiders often like to work in small groups around the stations with their friends, so that they can alternate who shouts out whilst the other has a rest. Not forgetting that the great british public love a good double act. Also, asking the station manager to do an announcement over the tannoy system is a great way to alert people to your presence and has worked wonders in the past.
  • Be Cooperative: make sure you take heed of what the station manager says. Do what they say and make sure you are standing in an appropriate place that doesn’t hide you away, but doesn’t put you directly in the way of busy commuters, either. If you act unprofessionally, it’ll only reflect badly on the charity and waste your time, as you won’t collect anything by annoying people.
  • Stay hydrated: keep a small snack and drink nearby, or you could find yourself low on energy and considerably grumpy.
  • HAVE FUN!: does this need explaining, really?

*throat sweets provided

Megaraids Calendar: Lent 2014

This term we have two Megaraids planned:

28 Feb Great Ormond Street Hospital

Please note that this calendar is subject to change and we are always adding new Raids to our calendar. So don’t forget to keep checking back and keep an eye on our Social Media channels!

If you’re interested in helping out on any of these Raids, get in touch with our Raids Coordinator at

Also check out our Home Raids.

Get Involved

We’re Interested in finding out more about Raids or lending a hand at one this term? Send an email to our Raids Coordinator at

Alternatively, we are always looking out for new charities to raid for. If you have an idea or a cause particularly close to your heart, let us know! Get in touch at

Looking forward to hearing from you!



We realize that travelling to and from London can be a costly affair. You can claim up to 10% of what you collect in order to cover any travel expenses. Just keep any travel ticket or receipt handy once in London and hand it over to the Raids Officer on duty.