Raids Tour

Hit the Road for Charity

Need a holiday at the end of term? Well, look no further than the RAG Raids Tour, which takes place over 4 days after the end of term and sees our team visit different towns across the south in their efforts to raise money for a good cause. Surely that’s better than two weeks in Tenerife, no?

The concept of the RAG tour is pretty similar to that of the Home Raids, only we do them four days in a row and visit different towns every day, culminating with London on the final day. Travelling in our lovely CUSU minibus and staying at the houses of friends/handily-positioned RAG Committee members, the RAG tour is a great way to have some fun and make new friends.

The timetable for the days is standard: collect in the daytime, party in the nighttime. Repeat. With an afternoon off from raiding in the middle of the tour (to visit local attractions), delicious food and a day spent in London for the Christmas festivities, last year’s Christmas Tour was as social as it was charitable.

Participating in the RAG tour is hard work, but it’s totally worth it for the warm feeling in your belly, the anecdotes you are sure to get and the amazing company of the RAG team (not that we like to blow our own trumpets, mind…).

Of course, if you happen to live in any of the towns we visit and you’d like to help out just for the day, you are welcome to come along and pick up a bucket. Extra volunteers are always appreciated, especially for our final day in London.

If you want to get involved or you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated Raids Coordinator at

Christmas Tour 2014

Christmas Tour 2014 was in aid of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, granting the wishes of terminally and seriously ill children across the UK.

During the four days of tour, our peppy volunteers visited Colchester, Peterborough, Reading, Newbury, Kingston and Richmond, culminating in a day-long collect-a-thon in London. Phew!

On tour we had sleepovers, delicious meals and the obligatory pub visits. Not to mention some car karaoke and a little bit of shopping, to boot. Oh, and we collected some money, too.